5 Best Shenzhen PCB Manufacturer

Consider that you’re seeking an OEM/ODM PCB manufacturer that offers competitive pricing and top-notch quality. In that situation, China PCB manufacturers are a wise choice due to their cutting-edge technology and robust production capability. Shenzhen is also well known for its electrical industry worldwide, founded in China and India. If the electronic supply chain is complete, you can […]

How To Select A Telecom PCB Assembly Service

Telecom PCBs, or printed circuit boards, are essential components of telecom systems. They play a critical role in connecting and routing signals within telecom equipment, enabling communication through phone lines, internet cables, and other transmission media. As such, it is important to select a reliable and competent PCB assembly service for your telecom projects. Choosing […]

Replacement of chip capacitors and electrolytic capacitors

To choose chip capacitors and electrolytic capacitors for replacement, we must first understand their respective characteristics. Driven by user experience, 74chips is committed to serving the small and medium-sized purchasers of electronic components, providing professional services such as genuine original products, professional consultation, and fast delivery. ? ? ?ESR, low loss, etc.       […]