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5 Best Shenzhen PCB Manufacturer

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Consider that you’re seeking an OEM/ODM PCB manufacturer that offers competitive pricing and top-notch quality. In that situation, China PCB manufacturers are a wise choice due to their cutting-edge technology and robust production capability. Shenzhen is also well known for its electrical industry worldwide, founded in China and India. If the electronic supply chain is complete, you can find all types of electronic components for developing and manufacturing PCBs for your products. Let’s look at some of Shenzhen’s top PCB manufacturers today.

  1. Huatong Computer & CO.LTD (COMPEQ) 

To offer customers a variety of flexible PCB and low-volume PCB manufacturing services, COMPEQ has established a production facility in Huizhou, a city near Shenzhen. FPC and Rigid-Flex PCB, HLC, multilayer circuit boards, HDI, and other goods, as well as SMT printing services, may all be produced and manufactured by COMPEQ. Since 2014, standard PCB manufacturing has made PCBs with a minimum 40um thickness, 50/50um line spacing, and a minimum of 150um through-hole size. Standard FR4, high-temperature FR4, halogen-free FR4, HASL, hard gold + OSP, and immersion silver are among the materials you can select. 

  • Eashub

Eashub is another Shenzhen PCB manufacturer that can offer PCB assembly and manufacturing services under one roof. In addition, they can provide you with high-quality PCB services and various other services, including PCB Prototype Standard PCBs, Automotive PCBs, Consumer Electronics PCBs, and Industrial Control PCBsction.

EASHUB is pleased with its excellent quality and customer service. With ten years of experience in PCB design and manufacturing. Their team always rapidly comes up with acceptable solutions when it comes to PCB design, optimization, and manufacture. Due to their extensive inventory of different electrical components, they are also constantly able to offer the greatest quality and quickest turnaround times. In addition, despite increasing competition in the PCB market, they upgrade to cut PCB costs as much as possible.

  • Kinwong Electronics

Circuit boards, flexible circuit boards, metal substrates, soft and hard combination boards, high-density interconnection boards, high-layer circuit boards, RF circuit boards, buried copper blocks, class carrier boards, engineering services, and design services are among the company’s products. Their PCB can be utilized in various applications, including consumer electronics, communications, computers, intelligent terminals, power supplies, industrial controls, and healthcare. The business also emphasizes skilled management and clever production. Streamlining the process has the benefits of a quick production cycle, high efficiency, high yield, and strong traceability to offer customers high-quality and effective PCB services.

  • Suntak Technology

Seven hundred fifty square meters of production space is produced annually with more than 5000 personnel. In addition, mobile phones, computers, cars, communication devices, servers, industrial control, and other electronic information domains frequently use their PCB.

The company Suntak Technology may offer PCB services in one place. With 27 years of experience in professional design, R&D, lean production, and quality management in the PCB industry, as well as engineering and technical support, design material selection, manufacture ability evaluation, product design principles, and optimal cost solutions, 24 hours from conceptual design to mass production. In addition, the company adheres to the quality management system certification of the PCB industry, such as ISO9001, iso16949, as9100c, ISO13485, NADCAP, etc., by controlling the quality of incoming materials, production processes, and completed products.

  • Fast Print

Fast Print creates boards, semiconductor businesses, and one-stop PCB-related enterprises primarily focusing on PCB manufacturing services. In the PCB industry, the company aims to become the biggest rapid production platform in the world. PCB support:

  • Products using optical modules, 
  • Products for digital-to-analog conversion
  • 5G TRX 
  • Microwave stepped slot plate Server Board and 
  • Board for medical equipment.


Some manufacturing companies in Shenzhen provide their best services and products, but we must look for the best PCB manufacturer to ensure you get the services you want. Yet, if you ask us we will blindly pick Eashub as one of the best Shenzhen PCB manufacturers.

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