Apple AR / VR headset equipped with Micro-OLED screen, Samsung will push “holographic” AR devices to compete, sources say

According to ET News Korea, Apple’s AR / VR headset is once again rumored to feature an advanced Micro-OLED display. Micro-OLED displays are built directly on chip wafers rather than glass substrates, allowing for thinner, smaller, and more energy-efficient pixel sizes in the 4 to 20 micron range, compared to 40 to 300 microns for […]

Cell phone manufacturers are also hard to escape! Global chip shortage begins to sweep smartphone industry

The global chip shortage has reportedly affected many products, from cars to video game consoles, and the next product on the list will be smartphones. This year, the global semiconductor has been in short supply for a number of reasons, including factory closures due to the New Crown pneumonia epidemic, as well as rising demand […]