What types of TDK capacitors are there?

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What types of TDK capacitors are there? The TDK capacitor sample book refers to the assembly of various TDK capacitor samples into a book, such as 0603TDK capacitors, there are dozens of capacitance values according to different capacitance values, and some of each, such as around 50, are assembled into a book, The look of a business card. This is called the TDK capacitor sample book. Its main categories are application products, general-purpose products and vertical/high compression products. TDK capacitors range from practicality to unique main purpose products, application products, and product lineup can be said to be diverse, and can meet a variety of product lineup requirements. It can actually be divided into the following.

1. General purpose capacitors

TDK’s main products range from extra small 0402 to high/large space types.

 2. Capacitor components

The capacitance of several capacitor components is a multi-connected capacitor with integrated ic.

3. Low ESL reversal development

The structure that reverses the electrical level of the terminal is selected to reduce ESL and is most suitable for decoupling of ICs.

 4. Medium/High Voltage Capacitors

It is used for the input part of the DC-DC converter, the buffer power supply circuit, the circuit electronic ballast power supply circuit, etc.

 5. Low ESL 3 terminals all line through capacitors

Low-ESL capacitors produced by stacking feedthrough capacitors.

6. Back cover (MEGA CAP)

TDK capacitors contain metal material covers to avoid internal stress caused by thermal or mechanical equipment shocks, and maintain 2 times the electrostatic induction volume on the same total area, which is used for switching power supplies to smooth power circuits, etc.

 7. Very low ESL ULI capacitors

TDK’s unique internal structure is selected, which greatly reduces ESL’s multi-terminal type capacitors, which are used for CPU decoupling and so on.

 8. Heat-resistant X8R capacitors

With the characteristics of X8R (-55~150

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